Why reachstackers

Add another dimension to empty and semi-laden container handling

With a reachstacker containers can be transported at full width, turned 45° or lengthwise at 90°, making it possible to deliver “end-on” into and through low and narrow workshop doors, port sheds and other tight openings. Operators don’t have to pick up containers right-angled, and can increase efficiency and handling speed during yard stacking, loading of road trucks or container repairs.

The Kalmar DRG100 is the only reachstacker for empty and semi-laden container handling on the market that allows you to rotate, lift at a 45° angle, drive forwards or reverse with a full tilt stroke, reach 6 or 8 containers high, work in second or third row and even do a unique 1,000 mm side shift and rotate the container so the door is on the right side.

The Kalmar DRG100 offers full flexibility with full rotation, large side shift and tilt to allow you to both transport and perform services, maintenance, repairs and cleaning with maximum efficiency. Low and narrow workshop doors don’t present a problem. Just turn the container lengthwise and drive inside.