Innovative handling

Delivering every day

Productivity & Performance, Best Lifetime Value, Safety & Ergonomics and Environmentally-Friendly are guiding stars at Kalmar, and have made our reachstackers the preferred choice in more than 160 countries.

Make every move count

When choosing the right machine for you, consider the full value. Kalmar reachstackers excel at reducing your total cost of ownership. With well-proven quality materials, durable components and sturdy design, the Kalmar DRG100 is a profitable choice. Extremely reliable, it optimises uptime and minimises operational and maintenance costs on a daily basis – but also in regards to lifetime value.

We are fully prepared to provide rapid support for the entire life cycle of your machine, before it leaves the factory floor. With Kalmar you also have the industry’s most extensive support and after-sales network at your disposal. Our global presence and local service helps to ensure swift response for everything from spare parts and product support teams down to individual, local service technicians.

After all, what good is even the best equipment on the market if it’s left standing still? Our aim is to protect your investment, which is why our top priority is to minimise the costs of unnecessary downtime. This also helps explain why Kalmar reachstackers consistently maintain one of the highest resale values.