Everything within empty and semi-laden container handling

With the Kalmar DRG100 you can handle all types of containers (standard ISO, reefers, tanks, specials and flat racks) and slinged loads up to 10 tonnes precisely and safely. It also offers the rotation necessary for efficient action in confined spaces. Plus you get the quality that makes your business prosper, both in the short and long term. We offer two models: the DRG100-S6 stacks 6 containers high in the first row and the DRG100-S8 stacks 8 high in the second row.

Fully equipped – safe and sound

The Kalmar DRG100 is extremely stable – it’s the only reachstacker on the market with the high-capacity 5.4 m wheelbase. It has the best combined lift capacity in rows 1-2-3, a spreader with the biggest side shift and 4 extra lift hooks, front and reverse tilts, twistlock status indicators, dual rotation motors and brakes, and a complete LED lamp kit as a standard.

Options include a Reverse Aid Warning System with a detection range from 0,5 up to 9 m, a Kalmar Personal Proximity System that covers up to 20 m and Kalmar TLX (Tyre Life eXtension), which allows tyres to move independently for better manoeuvrability, reduced tyre wear and increased fuel savings.


Experience the best

Equipped with the EGO cabin, the Kalmar DRG100 offers an outstanding working environment and driving experience. It provides a seamless operating environment that minimises fatigue and enables optimal load handling. The result is less downtime, fewer cargo damages and more alert, productive and healthy operators. Features include: a comfortable multi-seat, a wide-curved and corner-wrapped windscreen with slim profiles and no A-pillars, a joystick with F/R shifter, a powerful climate package, high-capacity wipers, comfort pedals, intuitive interface, a ergonomic steering wheel with tilt function, safe and ergonomic access, a strong LED lamp kit and a fully adjustable work console.

Save time, money and the environment

Get all the power and torque you need for empty and semi-laden container handling, but with lower fuel cost and reduced emissions. The Kalmar DRG100 offers three performance modes:

Additional savings are achieved with the Kalmar Start/Stop system, the LED Light Kit and the optional Kalmar TLX (Tyre Life eXtension).

Power mode

Maximum performance at all times, more moves or tonnes per hour.

Normal mode

Higher profitability with up to 10% fuel savings per tonne of cargo.

economy mode

up to 20% in reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions.

Longer service intervals

The Kalmar DRG100 also offers longer service and maintenance intervals, which cuts costs and increases uptime. The machine is also easy to access for service.

Uniquely long-lasting, hard-working hydraulics

The Kalmar DRG100 has load-sensing hydraulics (power-on-demand) with highly efficient variable piston pumps, exceptionally clean working oil 24/7 and powerful double oil cooling for working hydraulics and brake hydraulics.

Strong drive trains – driving precise performance

The Kalmar DRG100 is equipped with the Volvo D-8 engine series in EU stage 3A and 4 emission levels and DANA automatic transmission. Reliable, powerful and fuel efficient even at low revs, it supplies massive power and torque for rapid acceleration and safer manoeuvrability.

Volvo Tad1360

Advanced redundant electronics increase uptime

The electrical control system of the Kalmar DRG100 is smart, intuitive and reliable. A distributed and redundant CAN-bus technology, developed by Kalmar, constantly monitors the engine, transmission, hydraulics and spreader functions to provide the operator with constant real-time data to help maximise uptime. Thanks to segmented wiring with a long lifetime, few wires and connection points, the system is not prone to faults and is easy to configure, diagnose and service.