The Kalmar TL2 Terminal Tractor,
built to last.

Kalmar TL2 Terminal Tractor.

Built to last.

The new Kalmar TL2 Terminal Tractor gives you a machine that has been specifically built to handle the demanding conditions of your region. You will get a robust and reliable machine that is built on a tested and proven platform, that can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 15% whilst still operating at optimal levels. Built for your region, built to last.

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Built for choice.

Choice engines
Engine model Rated kW @ rpm Rated torque @ rpm
Standard - Cummins QSB6.7 220 HP / 164kW Tier 3 / EU Stage 3A 164 kW @ 2200 rpm 945 Nm @1500 rpm
Option - Cummins QSB6.7 173 HP / 129kW Tier 3 / EU Stage 3A 129 kW @ 2200 rpm 800 Nm @1500 rpm
Choice of front axles.
Axle Capacity @ speed Hub
Hande front axle 5.5t with 400x150 Brakes, 335 mm with Automatic Slack Adjusters 5500 kg @ 25 km/h 335mm
Meritor FF-961 12,000 lbs (5,443 Kg) 16.5x5 brakes, 335mm and Automatic Slack Adjuster 5500 kg @ 25 km/h 335mm
Hande front axle 7.5t with 410x160 Brakes, 335 mm and Automatic Slack Adjusters 7500 kg @ 25 km/h 335mm
Choice of rear axles.
Axle Ratio Capacity @ speed
Hande with11.98 ratio 32000 KG @ 25 km\h with Automatic or Manual Slack Adjusters 11.98 32000 KG @ 25 km/h
Sisu SRDP with 12.28 ratio 32000 KG @ 25 km\h and Automatic Slack Adjusters 12.28 32000 KG @ 25 km/h
Choice of wheelbases.
Wheelbase Overall length Trailer clearance – Boom up Trailer clearance – Boom Down.
2956mm 4793 2020mm 2130mm
3200mm 5047MM 2270MM 2385MM
Choice of 5th wheels.
Product Capacity
Holland FW 35 32000 KG
Holland FW 0E70 32000 KG
Holland FW 2870 45000 KG

Built from experience.

Our new range of Kalmar TL2 Terminal Tractors have been designed by combining our local knowledge and insights with the accumulated knowledge of manufacturing over 60,000 terminal tractors globally. In 1958 Kalmar built the first Terminal Tractor and since has stayed at the front of the market by focusing on delivering high quality machines with innovative features that have positive impact on the productivity of your business.

Built on a proven platform.

With over 10,000 machines built globally on our tested and proven platform can expect a terminal tractor that is ready to take on your toughest tasks. A common platform also has many additional benefits:

Proven chassis design: you get a highly stable and robust bolted chassis design, which is easier and quicker to maintain, repair or change than a welded chassis.

Common electrical systems: uses standardised error codes for fast and easy trouble shooting.

A standardised driver control panel: all machines have the same operator controls and interface, making it easier to move from one type of machine to another.

More options and features: building on our global platform means you get more options and features to choose from.

Built to save time and money.

Here are a few ways that you can save both time and money:

Reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%.
Smart programming combined with our highly efficient driveline can reduce your overall fuel consumption by up to 15%. Saving you money and reducing your carbon emissions substantially at the same time.

Less moving parts.
With the TL2’s hydraulics system you will have less moving parts to service and maintain over mechanical alternatives, saving you even more time.

Easier and faster to service.
With an easy lift cabin and all service points accessible from the ground, servicing will be safer and quicker.

Long service intervals.
With industry leading service intervals your terminal tractor will spend less time being serviced and more time operating in your yard.

Built for comfort.

Our new TL2 cabin has been designed to keep your drivers comfortable and in control, even in the harshest of conditions.

  • With an advanced climate control system fitted, your drivers can operate safely and comfortably in temperatures from -20c to 45c+.
  • Our ergonomically designed cabins come with adjustable steering wheel, seat and controls so they can be set to match your driver’s preferences.
  • The TL2 features non-slip access surfaces and hand rails for easy and safe access to the cabin and rear platform.
  • Our new cabin has improved visibility both forwards and to the rear platform, so your driver can operate safely at all times.

All the options you need.

In addition to a range of engines, axles and 5th wheels there are many other options that you can specify to meet your business requirements. Here are just a few you might want to consider:

  • Coolant overflow reservoir: or expansion tank to contain excessive coolant.
  • Front shock absorbers: for a smooth ride.
  • Elevating 5th wheel: 431mm lift height & 28T lifting capacity for connecting to trailers easier.
  • Vertical crank-operated window driver side door: so you can speak to your colleagues easily.
  • Rear glass protector: on rear door to help minimise damage during normal operations.
  • Trailer stops: for cab protection when connecting to the trailer.
  • Cab tilt pump: with manual backup for easy access to the tractors driveline.
  • 5th wheel jawlock: indicator lamp so you know your trailer is connected properly.

All the support you need.

Kalmar Care:

We can offer you four different types of service and maintenance contracts, for any brand of equipment, for you to choose from. Each is designed to help you improve your operational efficiency, drive productivity and secure financial predictability. Each contract type includes a set of standardised service modules that can be matched to meet your business’s needs. You just need to choose which one is right for you and your day-to-day operations.

Kalmar Genuine Parts:

When something needs to be replaced you need a spare part that meets your exact needs - immediately. Kalmar offers a rapid delivery for over 50,000 premium-quality genuine parts to anywhere in the world, with installation support if needed. You can now order your parts on line at Kalmar MyParts, contact your local sales support to be registered.

Flexible financing:

You may choose to buy your new terminal tractor outright or consider a Kalmar financing package. We offer a range of packages that give you the financial predictability you need and the option to upgrade your equipment after a fixed period. Kalmar can also help with trading in your old machine.

Kalmar Academy:

For your team to get the most out of their new terminal tractor, the Kalmar Training Academy offers a range of courses for both your technicians and operators. Courses are a mix of theory and hands-on experience and can be held at a Kalmar office or at your site.

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