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Automated stacking cranes

Improve your port productivity

Automated stacking cranes (ASC) are rail-mounted cranes used for yard-stacking and in-stack transportation of containers. ASCs deposit and pick up containers from dedicated interchange areas located at both ends of the stack. The Kalmar automated stacking crane is controlled and monitored by Kalmar TLS software functions.

End-to-end efficiency

Today, end-to-end efficiency is realized. Kalmar features advanced automation at the quay, in the yard and when handling trucks, ensuring efficiency is optimised in your every move.

Kalmar ASC+ references cover all the main market areas. The crane fits your highest stacking density requirements and operational needs.

Kalmar ASC+ can be fitted with our automated truck handling system which makes your operation faster, safer and more cost efficient.

Optimising equipment performance by one centralized system, Kalmar TLS, generates additional benefits such as an easier implementation, reduced complexity, productivity and performance from day one.

Automated stacking crane terminal

Automated stacking cranes enable the highest possible capacity and stacking density. The Automated stacking crane terminal optimises throughput and stack footprint. When using Kalmar AutoShuttle™ as a feeder, apron size can be

Automated truck handling

Kalmar ASCs can be fitted with our automated truck handling system, which allows you to handle  trucks and cassettes up to 4 TEU long. 

The Kalmar automated truck handling system uses laser sensors to measure the exact location of the truck trailer’s twistlocks, chassis or container.


Kalmar TLS

The key to realising the full potential of your automation solutions is ensuring your automated equipment and terminal operating system (TOS) work in harmony and can handle the exceptions typical in your operations.